issue 213

This issue includes:

  • O Death, Where is Thy Sting? by James E. Alcock
  • The Power of “We” in the Time of COVID-19 by Katharine Brown
  • Truth and Illusion: A Theme in the Plays of Ibsen by Gwyneth Evans
  • Immortality: Could it be a Dangerous Illusion by Trudy Govier
  • Illusions of Engagement: Less May Well Be More by Janet Keeping
  • … and other illusions

issue 212
Facing Difficult Facts

This issue includes:

  • Quo Vadis? by Sophie Dulesh
  • Religious Neutrality is Not Enough by David Rand
  • The Law and Injustice by Alan Danesh
  • Jersey City Shooting and the Rise of Anti-Semitism by David Rubin
  • Reflections Left: An Examination of the Evolution of a Political Movement by Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson
  • … and more

issue 211
Science & Pseudoscience

This issue includes:

  • Surely You’re Joking, William Paley by Nicholas Griffin
  • The Need to Believe by James E. Alcock
  • Environmental Sensitivities by Arthur Leznoff
  • Of Loose Wires, Green Goblins and Other Matters by Ian Johnston
  • Regulating Alternative Medicine by Timothy Caulfield
  • … and more

issue 210
Facing Difficult Facts

This issue includes:

  • The Affordable Housing Crisis by Barry Mayhew
  • The Pernicious Principles of Bjorn Lomborg by Lorna Salzman
  • Where are the Feminists? by Dale Branscombe
  • Preventing Anti-Muslim Violence by David Rand
  • Reformation of Islam is Long Overdue by Sophie Dulesh
  • … and more

issue 209
Conscience, Justice & the Law

This issue includes:

  • A Troubling Case: The International Trial of a Ugandan Soldier by Trudy Govier
  • The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn by Gwyneth Evans
  • Civil Disobedience by Janet Keeping
  • Cannabis Amnesty by Kathy Kenzora
  • … and more

issue 208
De-platforming: The Death of Free Speech

This issue includes:

  • The Free Speech Crisis on Campus by Bradley Campbell
  • The Stigmatization of Men by Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson
  • Rationality at Risk by John Ibberson
  • Review of Max Tegmark’s Life 3.0 by Sophie Dulesh
  • In memoriam: Vera Freud and Andy Mulcahy; 
  • … and more

issue 207
Freedom of Speech … and its discontents

This issue includes:

  • Speaking Truth to Power by Gwyneth Evans
  • Experience as property? by Trudy Govier
  • John Stuart Mill and campus free-speech debates by Clifford Orwin
  • … and more

issue 206
Diversity, globalization, social justice… Do we know where we’re going?

This issue includes:

  • Social JusticeWarriors’ War Against the Enlightenment by Lorna Salzman
  • “White Privilege” is Newspeak by C.A. Wordsworth
  • On Evil… by Plato Mamo
  • Western Civilization, Part 3: Western Civilization in Modernity by Sophie Dulesh
  • … and more

issue 205
Emma Darwin: A profound influence on her husband, Charles, by Robert Weyant

This issue includes:

  • Belief in the Face of Contrary Evidence by James Alcock
  • Belief and Reason in our Courts by Gary Bauslaugh
  • Free to Offend? by Trudy Govier
  • Lucretius and the Nature of Things by Ian Johnson
  • … and more

issue 204
Antifa : Anti-fascists or neo-fascists?

This issue includes:

  • The Antifa Movement in Germany by Alfred de Zayas
  • Antifa and Erinnerungen by James Bacque
  • … and more

issue 203
Neurons Gone Wild

From feral neurons to rogue agents, ‘tuplas’ and exorcisms by Kevin Simler

This issue includes:

  • Against Faux-Feminists Who Deny the Rights of Muslim Women and Jews by Phyllis Chesler
  • When Metaphysical Beliefs Trump Human Compassion by Gary Bauslaugh
  • In the Name of Salvation by Jockie Loomer-Kruger
  • What is the Meaning of Human Life? by Guido O. Perez MD
  • Michael Schulman reviews Daniel Dennett’s “From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds” ; 
  • … and more

issue 202
Is the Left consuming itself?

This issue includes:

  • Social Justice – the new totalitarianism? Editorial by Madeline Weld
  • The Climate Justice Movement Splits from Environmentalists by Lorna Salzman
  • The Regressive Left and Dialectics by Sophie Dulesh
  • Radical Islam in Europe and the Siren Song of Multiculturalism by Robert H. Barrigar
  • … and more

issue 201
I DO : believe it’s time for Humanist weddings in Northern Ireland

This issue includes:

  • Workplace Mobbing; 
  • The Screwtape Sutras; 
  • Racism: Real and Imagined; 
  • … and more

issue 200
Civilization : Its Creators and Its Destroyers

This issue includes:

  • Canada’s Surprising Role in the Fight Against Slavery; 
  • Cradle of Western Civilization; 
  • … and more

issue 199
Terry George discusses his upcoming Armenian genocide film The Promise with Christopher DiCarlo

This issue includes:

  • The Quiet Tragedy of Orilla; 
  • In Search of a Secular Hospice; 
  • A Magical Place; 
  • Libya’s Bloody Bedlam Enabled by Canadian “Humanitarians”; 
  • George Williamson reviews Daniel Dennett’s Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind;

issue 198
Malthus’ 201-year-old Inconvenient Truth

This issue includes:

  • Religious Naturalism; 
  • The Supremes Shall Set Us Free; 
  • Cross-Cultural Minefields; 
  • Critical Thinking in a Deeply Religious Society; 
  • On Faith;

issue 197
Love & Marriage

This issue includes:

  • Educated for Murder; 
  • The Role of Educators in Desacrilizing Ideas; 
  • The Death of a Giant; 
  • The Long Apprenticeship; 
  • Things That Go Beep in the Night; 
  • A Tribute to Andy Mulcahy On the Occasion of his 94th Birthday;

issue 196
John Jofsess helped 8 people die, including poet Al Purdy

This issue includes:

  • Why are we still criminalizing compassion in Canada?; 
  • A Farewell Note; 
  • The Consensual Death of Al Purdy;

issue 195
Blasphemy Laws: Violence and Victimization in the 21st Century

This issue includes:

  • Writing about science, reason and Humanism made Avijit Roy and Rafida Ahmed victims of a dogmatic ideology; 
  • How the Grinch Stole Peace; 
  • On the Importance of Culture; 
  • The Toxic Elephant; 
  • Blasphemy Laws: An Abomination that Continues to Plague Humanity; 
  • The Migrant Crisis; 
  • A review of Headscarves and Hymens;

issue 194
The Impossible Plight of John Calvin

This issue includes:

  • “Israeli Kindness Changed my Life,” says Hamas Escapee; 
  • John Calvin visits Ottawa; 
  • Mercy and Canadian Law: The Prohibition of Assisted Suicide; 
  • Founts, Frauds and Forgeries of Religion; 
  • Insanity and Christianity in the Nineteenth Century; 
  • The Golden Rule; 
  • Who’s Actually Being “Gross and Racist”? 
  • A review of the film “Ex Machina”;

issue 193
Speaking of Humanism

This issue includes: Notable Canadians and their thoughts on Humanism

  • Bruce McCullough, The Flickering Flame; 
  • Christopher DiCarlo, Guest Editor; 
  • Abe Morgentaler: On Being Henry’s Son; 
  • Jan Narveson: Humanism and Democracy; 
  • Ralph Benmurgui: I Married a Humanist;

issue 192
Critical Thinking and the Big Problems

This issue includes:

  • Critical Thinking in High Schools; 
  • Gaza’s Agony; 
  • Reflections on the State of Israel; 
  • Slow Violence Fast-Forwarded: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change; 
  • Finding Our Way Back to the Garden;

issue 191
How Hard Could It be to Get a Bus Ad? Richard Thain’s fight to get the message out

This issue includes:

  • The Saguenay Prayer Case; 
  • Goodbye & Good Luck!; 
  • The Supreme Court Deliberates Assisted Suicide; 
  • Terrorism or Mental Illness; 
  • Sex Workers’ Rights;

issue 190
Globalization Meets Limits to Growth

This issue includes:

  • Earth’s “Wisest” Species Heads for the Cliff (Again); 
  • Israel or Islam: Which is the Real Roadblock to Peace in the Middle East?; 
  • Imagine No Religion 4; 
  • Humanism: A Viable Road into the Future; 
  • God’s Wrath?;

issue 189
Is it Already Too Late for Humanity to Stop its Collapse

This issue includes:

  • The Most Endangered Species; 
  • Genopolitics and the Future of Secular Humanism; 
  • The Land of Cain; 
  • Eric Thomas Reviews Two Books by Roméo Dallaire; 
  • On Puritanism; 
  • The Demise of the Arab Narrative;

issue 188
Native Spirituality

This issue includes:

  • Christoslovakia: A Thought Experiment; 
  • Human Nature; 
  • Louise Martin reviews the BBC TV series “Call the Midwife”; 
  • 75 Years of Atom Splitting; 
  • Me and My Microbiome;

issue 187
I Did It My Way: Humanizing assisited suicide laws

This issue includes:

  • Death Without Hysteria; 
  • Quebec’s Secular Charter; 
  • The Devil’s Advocate; 
  • Letter to Edward Snowdon; 
  • Educating for a Secular Humanist Canada; 
  • The Hidden Hand of Terror; 
  • Donald Hatch reviews Freethinkers by Susasn Jacoby;

issue 186
Rethinking the Cult of Multiculturalism

This issue includes:

  • When Critical Thinking Gets Under Our Skin; 
  • A Tribute to Henry Morgentaler; 
  • Henry Morgentaler: The Man, the Hero, and His Legacy; 
  • Atheophobia Hysteria?; 
  • Seeking an Ecological Rescue: 14 Do We Need a Spiritual Awakening – or a Scientific Understanding?; 
  • Darkness in Academia: The Shadow of Stalin; 
  • Evolution of Islam; 
  • Canadian Perspective on 34 the US Financial Crisis;

issue 185
Free Will?

This issue includes:

  • Nuclear Power in Canada; 
  • A Canadian Perspective on the US Financial Crisis (Part 1 of 2); 
  • The Trouble With Humanists; 
  • Deep Future and Flight Behaviour; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Monty Reid; 
  • Photography by Zoe Wiseman;

issue 184
A Critique of Canada’s Banking System

This issue includes:

  • Clair Culhane’s Life of Activism; 
  • Islamophobia? A Few More Thoughts; 
  • Jon Legg reviews The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars by Michael Mann; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Steve Ormond;

issue 183
Dumbing Down the CBC News

This issue includes:

  • The Islamic Tipping Point; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Henry Beissel; 
  • God’s Psychiatrist;

issue 182
The Challenges of Bringing the Truth

This issue includes:

  • Sex and Secularism; 
  • Justice on Trial; 
  • Man of Law on Right to Die; 
  • When everybody got religion; 
  • Why are Believers willfully ignorant about Atheists?;

issue 181
Why Does Religion Always Get a Free Ride in an Armoured Car?

This issue includes:

  • Andy Mulcahy Found Humanism on the Battlefield as a World War II Veteran; 
  • The Gospel According to Zimmy: A Poem in Ten Cantos; 
  • Understanding Harper’s Evangelical Mission; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Walter Bauer; 
  • A Mother’s Story;

issue 180
Occupy This

This issue includes:

  • Stephen Harper and the Caging of Canada; 
  • How the US Private For-profit Prison System Works: The booming business of American slavery; 
  • Christopher Hitchens: An Intellectual With the Instincts of a Street Brawler; 
  • Dutch Government Abandons Multiculturalism; 
  • Secularist Crusade Frees Three Municipalities From the Lord’s Prayer 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Dave Margoshes;

issue 179

This issue includes:

  • Peace Makers; 
  • Occupy Canada: Media Pundits vs Reality; 
  • Local Implications of Corporate Media Concentration; 
  • Legal Euthanasia Is Necessary But Not Enough; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Thomas R. Verny; 
  • Humanitarian Bombing? 
  • BC’s Gas Fracking Industry Expands; 
  • Worlds Within Worlds;

issue 178

This issue includes:

  • Fair Sharing Instead of Rampant Greed; 
  • Who Will Dare Address Separate School Funding? 
  • Palestine Becomes the Modern State of Israel; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Peggy Fletcher; 
  • From Faith to Facts; 
  • Unfertile Ground: Religious Mutations in the Scientific Community; 
  • The Perverse Rewards of Society; 
  • Betrayal of Faith and Trust: A Review of Just Business by Don MacAlpine; 
  • COMIC: God’s Re-election Campaign;

issue 177
The Rise of Neoconservatism in Canada

This issue includes:

  • From Myth to Science: The Role of Ancient Materialism in the Rise of Science; 
  • The Mongrel; 
  • Dr. Knight Would Have Smiled; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: John B. Lee;

issue 176
All Things Weird and Wonderful

This issue includes:

  • A Poet’s Voice: Theresa Wolfwood; 
  • Reflections on Mortality; 
  • Tyranny of the Minority; 
  • Islam or Secular Humanism; 
  • The Canadian Council of Chief Executives:Northern Oligarchy; 
  • Mouammar Kadha’fi and the Harper Brand;

issue 175
How to make EARTHWURST

This issue includes:

  • Bolivia’s Dissent Strips the Cancun Deal; 
  • Our Commons Future Is Already Here; 
  • Fake Populism; 
  • Your Money or Your Life; 
  • Stockwell, Better Days and Sounder Ways; 
  • Solidarity, the Ultimate Survival Kit; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Bunny Iskov;

issue 174
My Camera Has a Conscience

This issue includes:

  • The Golden Rule; 
  • COP15 in an Uneven World; 
  • An Alternative View of Retirement; 
  • Kids, Wealth, Religion, Love and Hate; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Rod Farmer;

issue 173
Canada’s Dirty Little Secret: Getting Schooled in Ontario

This issue includes:

  • Who’s a Hero Here?; 
  • My Epicurean Mom; 
  • The Poverty of Accomodationism; 
  • Canadians for Limits to Growth; 
  • World People’s Conference; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Elka Enola;

issue 172
Thomas Carlyle: Transcendentalism and Beyond

This issue includes:

  • Asimov’s Next Revolution; 
  • A Race of One’s Own; 
  • Darwin’s Conflict With His Wife and God; 
  • The Humanistic Value of Martial Arts; 
  • Another Voice for Non-believers; 
  • Why be Moral; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Keith Garebian;

issue 171
Now these are brothers in arms

This issue includes:

  • The Lynching of Louie Sam; 
  • With God on our Side; 
  • Which Green World? The Politics of Technology in the Sustainable Redevelopment of Benny Farm; 
  • The Grass Was never Greener: A Benny Farm Memoir; 
  • A Right to Die; 
  • Science as a Voice for Morality; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: Kim Goldberg;

issue 170
We Have to Stop Meeting Like This

This issue includes:

  • Conkers; 
  • Act of God; 
  • Palestine — A Tortured and Elusive Homeland; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: John Barton; 
  • Human Rights Commissions in Canada: A Case of Counter-Intuitive Controversies; 
  • A Major Setback for Secularism in Quebec Schools; 
  • Dismantling the Temple; 
  • On the International Scene;

issue 169
Darwin: Between God and Nature

This issue includes:

  • An Evolution of Evil; 
  • Darwin: Between God and Nature; 
  • Palestine — A Tortured and Elusive Homeland; 
  • A Poet’s Voice: John Smith; 
  • Zionism: The Real Problem in the Middle East; 
  • Performing Solidarity; 
  • The Psyche of Al-Qaeda; 
  • Beyond Despair: Through the Lens of Palestinian and Israeli Filmmakers;

issue 168
The Bus to Everywhere

This issue includes:

  • The Elephant in Your Child’s Bed; 
  • The Protection of Canadian Sovereignty; 
  • The Bus to Everywhere; 
  • Symbolic Democracy; 
  • Beliefs for the 21st Century: A Humanist-Evolutionist Creed?; 
  • The Nazi Pope; 
  • Book Review: Understanding and Challenging the New World Order; 
  • A Poet’s Voice; 
  • Life, Culture and Religion; 
  • Does Secularism Imply Religious Neutrality?; 
  • In Praise of Rational Discourse;

Humanist Perspectives issue 167 cover

issue 167
Rain Dances Won’t Save Us

This issue includes:

  • The Obama Factor; 
  • Rain Dances Won’t Save us; 
  • The Idea of Progress and the First Nations; 
  • Canada’s Policy of Mass Immigration; 
  • A Poet’s Voice; 
  • Film Review: Telling the Truth about Torture; 
  • Book Review: Understanding and Challenging the New World Order;

Humanist Perspectives issue 166 cover

issue 166
Militarism: What do we do about it?

This issue includes:

  • Support our troops; 
  • Militarism in Canada and the World: What do we do about it?; 
  • What Progress for Afghan women?; 
  • The Political Economy of Afghanistan: Unthinkable thoughts and Unprintable words; 
  • How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives; 
  • War is an Atrocity; 
  • A Poet’s Voice; 
  • The Terror of True Belief;

Humanist Perspectives issue 165 cover

issue 165
Pernicious Identities

This issue includes:

  • Pernicious Identities; 
  • My Life as a Heretic; 
  • The Unacknowledged Scandal of Electoral Fraud; 
  • Imposing Identities; 
  • Toward a Human Identity; 
  • Seeking our Common Humanity; 
  • Truth, Illusion & Identity; 
  • Understanding Black Anger 
  • Say it with Balloons

Humanist Perspectives issue 164 cover

issue 164
When the Law is an Ass

This issue includes:

  • Punishing Acts of Mercy: Robert Latimer & the Justice System; 
  • Crime & Punishment; 
  • the Significance of Juries; 
  • Lawlessness in Berlin & Brooklyn; 
  • Pressing for Remorse?; 
  • Authority & Civil Disobedience; 
  • Drugs, Drug Policy & Crime: 100 Years of Asinine Law…

Humanist Perspectives issue 163 cover

issue 163
Eco Humanism

This issue includes:

  • Dualism, Nature & Society: Finding Peace with What Is; 
  • Remembering an Eco-Humanist; 
  • Photo Essay by Montreal photographer Daniel Seguin; 
  • Subsidies & Deep-Sea Fish Depletion; 
  • Belief & Eco-Humanism…

Humanist Perspectives issue 162 cover

issue 162
Justice & Revenge

This issue includes:

  • Vengeance is Mine; 
  • Forgiveness: The Weak Get Even & The Great Get Over It; 
  • Getting Even? The Ethics & Politics of Revenge; 
  • Let’s Make Us Medicine of Our Great Revenge: Revenge as a Literary Motif; 
  • From Brooklyn to Iraq: Revenge in the Desert, Resolve in the Ring…

Humanist Perspectives issue 161 cover

issue 161
Minding the Media

This issue includes:

  • an Interview with Julia Sweeney; 
  • Exuberating Fantasticisms: Narratives of Destiny in Audition-Based TV Shows; 
  • Propaganda, Language & the Media; 
  • Movies in the Shadow of the Church; 
  • Media & the Shaping of Reality; 
  • Media Responsibility in a Democracy…

Humanist Perspectives issue 160 cover

issue 160
the War on Science & Reason

This issue includes:

  • an Interview with Michael Shermer; 
  • the SSHRC & Intelligent Design; 
  • Wars on Science? a historical perspective; 
  • Selective Skepticism, Manufactured Doubt & the Politics of Science; 
  • When Ignorance Masquerades as Science; 
  • Science & Self-Deception …

Humanist Perspectives issue 159 cover

issue 159
How Universities Are Failing Us

This issue includes:

  • What They Teach; 
  • How They Teach; 
  • Corporate Sponsorship; 
  • Postmodernism; 
  • and SSHRC continues to embarrass Canada …

Humanist Perspectives issue 158 cover

issue 158
the Psychology of Belief

This issue includes:

  • Respect, Belief and Disbelief; 
  • Even Scientists Make BIG Mistakes; 
  • Seeing is Believing is Seeing; 
  • an Imperfect Road Map to Reality; 
  • the Losing Battle with Islam …

Humanist Perspectives issue 157 cover

issue 157
What Humanists Care About

This issue includes:

  • Evolution; 
  • the Second Humanist Revolution: Eco-Humanism; 
  • Morality Without Religion; 
  • Special Report: Research Council endorses Intelligent Design …

Humanist Perspectives issue 156 cover

issue 156
Africa, the Cradle of Humanity

This issue includes:

  • the End of Racism? (We are All African); 
  • What can be done to help Africa?; 
  • Decolonizing the Images (with filmmaker Ousmane Sembene); 
  • the Concept of Ubuntu …

Humanist Perspectives issue 155 cover

issue 155
Living with Democracy

This issue includes:

  • One Nation Under Fraud; 
  • the Alien Princess; 
  • Living with Theocracy; 
  • Politicians and Trust …

Humanist in Canada issue 150 cover

issue 150
Education & Critical Thinking

This issue includes:

  • an interview with Pat Duffy Hutcheon; 
  • Theory of Knowledge in Schools; 
  • the Competent Layperson; 
  • Children & War …

Humanist in Canada issue 149 cover

issue 149
Popular Culture

This issue includes:

  • the Tradition & Techniques of Satire: the Case of Michael Moore, pt 1; 
  • Clutter; 
  • Appealing to the Natural; 
  • Dwarf Tossing …

Humanist in Canada issue 148 cover

issue 148
Environmental Ethics

This issue includes:

  • Ecology & Humanism; 
  • a model for land conservation; 
  • Evolutions vs Creationism; 
  • Civilization in Crisis, pt 3 …

Humanist in Canada issue 147 cover

issue 147
The Imagined World

This issue includes:

  • A Bard’s Curriculum; 
  • Myth & Fantasy: a Humanist Perspective; 
  • Hollywood & the End of History; 
  • Harry Potter and the Humanist …

Humanist in Canada issue 146 cover

issue 146
Ends & Means

This issue includes:

  • Seeds: a dialogue on Gandhi’s account of means & ends; 
  • Gandhi’s Letters to Hitler, 1939, 1941; 
  • Iran’s Remarkable National Cinema; 
  • Tribute to Blodwen & Joe Piercy …