* Humanist Perspectives: issue 183, Winter 2012-2103

Humanist Perspectives: issue 183, Winter 2012-2103

Issue 183, Winter 2012-2103

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by Carl Dow
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COUNTERATTACK 4: Return Power to the People by Henry Beissel
As an Op-Ed we bring you Installment Four of Henry Beissel’s thought-provoking CounterAttack series that continues to provide practical, if startling, solutions toward securing the success of Canada’s experiment in Democracy.

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A Leave-taking from Ernest George Poser (1921 - 2012) by Glenn Hardie, with Kathy Leavens

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The Islamic Tipping Point by Tim Murray
Does recognizing an extreme predicament make one an ‘extremist’?

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A Poet’s Voice poems by Henry Beissel
Henry Beissel is a poet, playwright, essayist, translator and editor with over 30 publications that have brought him international recognition and awards. “Poetry invites us to the joy of living by making us know and celebrate the uniqueness, fragility and evanescence of life. Thus poetry reconciles us to the tragic flaw in all conscious existence. It can take us to the edge of knowing and point beyond itself into the mystery that surrounds us.”

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‘Dumbing Down’ the CBC News by Nancy P. Swartz
Nancy P. Swartz again shines with a brilliant analysis of the dumbing down of the television branch of The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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God’s Psychiatrist? A Biographical Goodbye to Dr. Wendell Watters by Walt Michalsky
Throughout his 88 years of life, he was a dedicated family man – to his wife Lena, children and grandchildren – never allowing his career to overshadow his private life.

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Paul Kurtz, 1925 - 2012

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Book Reviews

Seasons of Blood by Henry Beissel by Garry Geddes
Mel Massey reviews From Healing to Hell by William Henry Wall
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James Bacque reviews Coming to Terms with a Child by Henry Beissel AND Geoffery Dow reviews Mortality by Christopher Hitchens
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Henry Beissel reviews Cry from a Silent Planet by John Rowland
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In addition, Humanist Perspectives offers a lively "Letters-to-the-Editor" exchange. In this issue you’ll find feedback from our readers including praise for our publishing courage, words from an elderly veteran who almost got cheated out of $2,000 by Canada’s creeping two-tier health system and a response from The Rev. Paul D. Owen, Ph.D. to Greta Christina's article “Why are Believers willfully ignorant about Atheists?.