Humanist Perspectives: issue 191, Winter 2014-2015

Issue 191, Winter 2014-2015

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Fishers of Men by Richard Young
What does a little boy's first fishing trip have to do with assisted suicide, terrorism and other big issues of the day?

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Sex Workers' Rights by Richard Young
An interview with Caroline Newcastle and Emily Symons of POWER ("Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate, and Resist").
The Saguenay Prayer Case, and a Fitting Tribute to Dagmar Gontard by Justin Trottier
In October of 2014, decades of work by countless secular activists culminated in two hours before the Supreme Court of Canada. Justin Trottier gives a first-hand account of the proceedings.

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The Courage to Continue: Is it “controversial” to say that public funds should be used for public schools? by Richard Thain
[Cover story] Private citizen Richard Thain had a great idea for a billboard. It would inform Canadians that Ontario's full public funding of its vast Roman Catholic school system is a violation of human rights, as was twice determined by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. But he had a surprisingly difficult time trying to get his simple message across; Pattison Outdoor told him his message was offensive. Here is Richard's story in his own words.

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Terrorism or Mental Illness? Making Distinctions When We Should Be Connecting The Dots by Madeline Weld
The man who shot unarmed Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo may have been motivated by jihad, or he may have just been mentally ill. Which was it? Similar questions pop up again and again in senseless acts of violence the world over: Was it Islamism or insanity? Madeline Weld weighs in.

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Carter vs. Canada: The Supreme Court Deliberates Assisted Suicide by Simon Parcher
Canada's Supreme Court heard the case for assisted suicide, and against, in October. Simon Parcher (president of Canadian Humanist Publications) was there. Here is his description of this momentous event.

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Goodbye and Good Luck! by Gillian Bennett
Gillian Bennett, an 84-year-old grandmother in the early stages of dementia, dragged a foam mattress to one of her favourite spots on Bowen Island, BC, so that she could die the death of her choosing. On the day of her death she arranged to have her story told, in her own words.
A Supervisor by Glen Harper
An insider's look at the inhospitable elements of hospitality industry management.
The Big Middle-Class Rip-off by Edwin Lyngar
So many of us are clueless about business and finance. Here's why that's just the way the investment class likes it.

Book review

Cui Bono? (Who Benefits?) by David Blackwell
David Blackwell reviews two books on economics:
1. "Economics: The User's Guide", by Ha-Joon Change
2. "The Big Lie: Who Profits from Ireland's Austerity?", by Gene Kerrigan
Dan Leger's "Duffy: Stardom to Senate Scandal"reviewed by Glen Harper
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