Humanist Perspectives: issue 148, Environmental Ethics

Environmental Ethics
issue 148, Spring 2003

cover of issue 148
Problems with Certainty by Gary Bauslaugh
We are obliged to be very cautious when we bring about irreversible damage to our environment — we cannot anticipate all of the consequences.
letters from our readers
the world around us
the world around us by Theo Meijer
Irene Brereton, 1912–2002 by Blodwen Piercy
A tribute to the wife of the founder of Humanist in Canada.


Ecology & Humanism:
the challenge of deep ecology
by Mark Battersby
The challenge of the deep ecology movement — are humans irrelevant?
a Model for Land Conservation:
notes from the Nature Conservancy
by Jacqueline Waldorf
Some examples of how the Land Conservancy works in various partnerships to protect valuable natural resources.
Landscape & Sentiment:
documenting the rural Maritimes
by Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson presents evocative photographs of rural Nova Scotia and new Brunswick.
Evolution & Creationism:
a report from our correspondent in London
by Derek Kaill
Kaill reports on a debate in London Ontario that shows once again how lop-sided this argument is.
the Darwinian Mind:
Making Human Nature Natural, part 1
by Robert Weyent
The first part of this four part series examines ideas of the mind before Darwin.
Civilization in Crisis, part 3:
the Mind’s Triumverate & Eco-Ethics
by Henry Beissel
the third and final part of Beissel’s wide ranging enquiry into human society and its impact on the natural world.


a Problem of Acknowledgement:
recognizing past wrongs
by Trudy Govier
Govier discusses the importance of acknowledging past wrongs.


Dr Strangelove
& the Precautionary Principle
by Shirley Goldberg
Scientist’s responsibility to the biosphere is examined in the national Film Board’s Nuclear Dynamite.
practical philosophy
Past & Present by Trudy Govier
Are we wrong to use present values to judge past actions?
things that go bump
Cause & Meaning by James Alcock
Alcock discusses why so many people believe in the supernatural and the paranormal.


children’s books
* Children’s Books & the Environment by Gwyneth Evans
Evans examines the changing attitude to the environment that can be seen in children’s books.
* Paris 1919 edited by Ian Johnston
Robert H Johnson reviews Margaret MacMillan’s book Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World.
* God’s Secretaries edited by Ian Johnston
Graham Roebuck reviews Adam Nicholson’s book God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible.

fiction & poetry

Jehovah by Mildred Tremblay
The winning poem in Humanist in Canada’s first poetry contest.