LONELY TRAIL: The Life Journey of a Freethinker


In these essays, Pat Duffy Hutcheon has clearly undertaken to prepare for intelligent adults what is effectively a course of study of the core of humanism.

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by Pat Duffy Hutcheon, 380pp, Aurora Humanist Books, 2000, ISBN 978-1-4363-7737-9

The economic Depression between 1929 and 1939 was world-wide, but few even in Canada were aware of the depth of its brutality among the farmers in the prairie provinces. Even in the prairie cities there was partial blindness, partly because urban dwellers were having their own difficulties with the dwindling job market and the influx of ‘hoboes’ who rode the rails from Newfoundland to Victoria searching for work. Pat Duffy Hutcheon’s recounting of it, through the eyes of a child, brought it home to me as nothing else I’ve read has been able to do.
— Blanche Howard

From the litle one-room prairie school-house to the Olympus of intellect; from the ‘dirty thirties’ poverty of the Alberta prairie to the relative affluence of 21st century Vancouver; from a secular family background to evolutionary naturalism; from female academic exclusion to feminist assertion; from pre-WWII western Canada to post-war global transformation, Pat Duffy Hutcheon, with a rich multi-ethnic heritage, has lived a rewarding life, here warmly remembered.
— Wilson Dillon, MD

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ISBN 978-1-4363-7737-9






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