* Humanist Perspectives: issue 182, Autumn 2012

Humanist Perspectives: issue 182, Autumn 2012

Issue 182, Autumn 2012

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Editor Carl Dow warns that the ‘good guys’ should beware of becoming what they are fighting. In this issue Humanist Perspectives reveals the horror and the irony suffered by German prisoners of war in 1945-1946. Many Germans fled the Red Army to surrender to the allies, led by the Americans, thinking they would be better treated. Some one million of them were starved to death. Another 500,000 met the same fate as prisoners of the Red Army. Acclaimed Canadian author James Bacque, who discovered this grim truth and wrote about it, has paid dearly by being subjected to the kind of blacklist in employment that we would expect only in totalitarian countries.

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Henry Beissel continues his CounterAttack against those who are undermining Canada’s experiment in democracy. In his third installment of a series, he accentuates the positive by highlighting that, ‘Two peaceful approaches are open to us — one legislative the other systemic,’ which can provide the tools necessary to fulfill our hopes for a country that meets our aspirations for a true democracy.

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Mariette le Roux, reports on findings by palaeontologists in northern Kenya that prove that early humans were not alone as long ago as two million years. The find provides an answer to the question on how diverse was our genus close to the base of the human lineage.

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Richard Piper argues that world justice is on trial in Holland. He says that ten years of the International Criminal Court prompts the suspicion that it is merely just another tool of the West to maintain its supremacy.

On the International Scene we have a shocking report on how the Dutch Catholic Church sexually abused thousands of Dutch kids and then had many of their victims castrated.

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Simon Parcher tells us about the Sex and Secularism theme of the 2012 Humanist Canada Conference August 3 -5. ‘The City of Montreal,’ says Mr. Parcher, ‘already known for its nightlife and joie de vivre, was sexier than usual . . . as humanists from Canada and ten other countries descended upon the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel to talk about sex.’

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Acclaimed author Canadian James Bacque wrote two internationally best-selling works of history, exposing a crime against humanity by the ‘good guys’ — That ‘success’ nearly ruined his life. Don’t miss The Challenges of Bringing the Truth as Mr. Bacque details how he was blacklisted for telling the abysmal truth that in 1945-1946 one million German World War II prisoners of war were starved to death in American and French-run internment camps in Europe. The Soviets did the same to 500,000 German prisoners. Steve Ambrose of the Eisenhower Centre in Louisiana, wrote Mr. Bacque, after years of denial, ‘. . . you have a sensational if appalling story and it can no longer be suppressed, and I suppose (in truth, I know) it must be published . . .’

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Nancy P. Swartz offers, in her poetic prose, a thought-provoking profile of a (relatively) young man, Russel Ogden, who has spent his working life concerned with the dignity of dying. Be sure to read Man of Law on Right to Die.

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David McLaren, an award-winning writer and columnist comments on how the gun is now part of Canadian politics.

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Ben Zimmerman links history with the present, and Mark Twain, in his historical romp back to the mid 1700s When everybody got religion and then lost it.

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Greta Christina is back exploring the religious mind and wondering Why are Believers willfully ignorant about Atheists?

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