* Humanist Perspectives: issue 174, Autumn 2010

Humanist Perspectives: issue 174, Autumn 2010

Issue 174, Autumn 2010

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Thanksgiving by Yves Saint-Pierre
In this editorial, Yves Saint-Pierre reflects about earth, food and the future. Does our way forward depend on technology or on the preservation of seed stocks and soil? An autumn walk and talk leads to speculation and hope.

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Where Will the Grandchildren Live? An Alternative View of Retirement by Mike Nickerson
Mike Nickerson writes a letter to his granddaughter Lillian.
“…while growing has served us well for thousands of years, we have now grown to the point where the human family fills the Earth.” (…) “…conventional, finance based retirement plans are only as viable as the system of growth economics. If that system falters, we will need another way to support ourselves in old age.”.

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COP 15 in an Uneven World by Jacqueline Medalye
This piece, which appears as a chapter in Climate Change- Who’s Carrying the Burden?, published by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, is a very useful look at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) and the Conference of the Parties (COP), their genesis and the realities of COP 15 in Copenhagen. It will help readers understand COP 16, in Cancun.

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Photo Essay: My Camera Has a Conscience by Rick Friedlander
“Typically I look for NGOs or private organizations that might require assistance to bring their commitment and efforts to light. (…) One day I may be shooting a five star hotel lobby, the next day I am following a street child through a fence of a train station in New Delhi looking for his school adjacent to the tracks.”

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A Poet’s Voice poems by Rod Farmer
The biographical note, author’s statement and thought provoking poems of this talented Canadian poet, now residing in Maine, can be read on line.

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The Golden Rule by Penny Sanger
A peace activist and journalist recommends some resources for peace educators.

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Kids, Wealth, Religion, Love and Hate by Chuck Shamata
In this entertaining and thought provoking piece, Chuck Shamata sets out a number of threads and pulls them all together to leave us with some serious questions.

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Last Page Humour: God-observations by Jass Richards
A compendium of amusing thoughts about perceptions of and beliefs concerning God.

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