* Humanist Perspectives: issue 171, Winter 2009-2010

Humanist Perspectives: issue 171, Winter 2009-2010

Issue 171, Winter 2009-2010

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With God on our Side by Yves Saint-Pierre
Yves Saint-Pierre responds to the allegation that most recent and current wars were and are justified by arguments of reason and reflects on the various threads that are woven into the narratives used to justify war. Theism, it seems, has not vanished from the story.

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The Lynching of Louie Sam by Rina Fraticelli
In 1884, Louie Sam, a fourteen year-old member of the Stó:lõ Nation, in British Columbia, was lynched by a group of vigilantes from the Washington territory. A few years ago, Ms. Fraticelli produced and David McIlwraith directed a film about the incident. This article explores the wide ranging ramifications of the original incident and traces the fascinating process of making the film.

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A Right to Die by Sandra Lucas
Holland is a leader and a model when it comes to assisted suicide, right? Maybe not. In a cautionary piece that raises questions we should be considering as we move closer to similar legislation, Sandra Lucas looks at some of the problems that continue to challenge the process and practitioners in the Netherlands.

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A Poet's Voice poems by Kim Goldberg
The biographical note, author's statement and wonderful poems of this talented West Coast poet can be read on line.

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Science as a Voice for Morality by Goldwin J. Emerson
One of the criticisms often leveled at non theists is that they relinquish the basis for morality. Emerson makes a fascinating case in the presentation and defense of the moral dimensions of science.

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The Grass Was never Greener: A Benny Farm Memoir by Robbie Dillon
In this lively, amusing and highly entertaining piece, Dillon recalls the vibrant community within which he spent a good part of his childhood, the post-war subsidized housing project in West End Montreal known as Benny Farm. The memories are bitter-sweet since the project, after being long abandoned, has now been completely transformed.

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Which Green World? The Politics of Technology in the Sustainable Redevelopment of Benny Farm by Daniel Goldberg
This meticulously researched and clearly presented evaluation of the process of the transformation of Benny Farms serves as a cautionary study of green development. Good intentions and noble ideals have to be tempered by realism where implementation is concerned. Goldberg presents some challenging observations and proposals.

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Last Page Humour

In this issue, we introduce this new feature, a last page humour/satire piece, with an old chestnut that will bring a smile to your face.

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