Humanist Perspectives: issue 157, What Humanists Care About

What Humanists Care About
issue 157, Summer 2006

cover of issue 157
What Humanists Care About by Gary Bauslaugh
The current burning issues in humanism are reviewed and discussed briefly.
SSHRC — We Have a Problem by Gary Bauslaugh
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada produced, through one of its granting committees, a statement that put the theory of intelligent design on an equal footing with the theory of evolution. Despite pressure from the press (including Humanist Perspectives) and from scientists from Canada and around the world, SSHRC steadfastly refuses to disown the statement. Why?
the world around us
Modern Humanism by Theo Meijer
Meijer reviews the central ideas of modern humanism.


the Second Humanist Revolution:
by Henry Beissel
Beissel discusses the first humanist revolution, where God was replaced with Man at the centre of the world, and argues that the second revolution, eco-humanism, is needed.
The World as a Holy Place by Dan Overmyer
Overmyer argues that “We do not need to remain trapped in the false dichotomy between faith and nihilism. We can find a sacred dimension in this world itself.”
Morality without Religion by Joseph Tussman
The great American philosopher Joseph Tussman died in late 2005. Prior to his death he gave his last essay, on a topic of central interest to humanists, to Humanist Perspectives.

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things that go bump
Science & Racism by James Alcock
Alcock reviews the flawed evidence, convincing to a generation of scientists, for the ideas of inherited intelligence and racial differences in intelligence.
letter from new york
On the Origins of My Humanism by Jonny Diamond
Jonny Diamond talks about being brought up around a fellowship of skeptics.
Neorealist Humanism:
Cinema in the Service of the Times
by Shirley Goldberg
Goldberg examines the relationship between neorealism and humanism.
Humanism with a Vengeance
book reviews by Ian Johnston
Johnston questions the extreme views of some recent books of interest to humanists: Sam Harris’ The End of Faith and
Simon Young’s Designer Evolution

last word

Humanism at the Breakfast Table Joan Givner with Gwyneth Evans
Quotes from writer Joan Givner’s recent children’s novel.