** Humanist Perspectives: issue 204, Spring 2018

Humanist Perspectives: issue 204, Spring 2018

Issue 204, Spring 2018

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Are the Antifa the Brown Shirts of Our Time? by Madeline Weld
... Social conservatives and others who are not keen on the social and cultural transformations brought about by mass migration and multiculturalism are defamed as fascists or Nazis and stand to lose their jobs. In such a climate, self-censorship is the norm... As the multicultural “narrative” of our globalist leaders is increasingly challenged and popular resistance grows toward the social and cultural changes being forced on Western countries by a high intake of often poorly assimilating migrants, the authorities have taken to choking off the expression of unwelcome views...

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Antifa and Erinnerungen by James Bacque
... One perceptive German told me in 1989, when my book Other Losses exposing Allied atrocities against German civilians after the war appeared in Germany, that “Only a Canadian could have written that book.” I did not believe him then but now I do.... Since then, forces very like the Antifa in Canada have frightened nearly all the publishers, editors and book reviewers in this timid country from publishing my work. Nor would PEN or The Writers’ Union of Canada stand up for the right of the public to read my work...

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The Antifa Movement in Germany by Alfred de Zayas
The Antifa movement in Germany is a modern-day SA (Sturmabteilung), manifesting violent intolerance and complete disregard of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. What is most worrisome is that the German authorities – politicians, police, and civil service – essentially tolerate their open criminality and do not protect the public from their verbal abuse, intimidation, defamation, ripping up of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) political posters, burning of cars of university professors suspected of sympathizing with the “right,” Kristallnacht-style destruction of private property, physical violence against persons and other anti-democratic activities...

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The March of Science through the Eyes of History by Dean Moosavi
... Colleagues from various scientific societies were encouraging me to become involved in the March for Science that was being organized in that city for Earth Day, April 22...The March for Science was billed as a non-partisan event to build support for science. The validity of this claim needs to be explored... Given that the problems in science have been developing over decades, the March for Science could have occurred at any time during the last 20 years... The silence of the Marchers for Science on issues so critical for their fellow scientists before the election of Donald Trump suggests that the March for Science had less to do with science being used to guide policy and more to do with the opposition to the incoming president’s policies.

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International Migration: A Disaster Coming Soon... to a Neighbourhood Near You by John Meyer
Humans have been migrating across the face of the planet since we began to stand upright. Humanoid footprints made 800,000 years ago have been discovered along the coast of England. In the 200,000 years or so when humanoids could be classified as modern humans, close to 80 billion of us have walked and sailed Earth’s surface... Migration has always been the last desperate choice in the face of intolerable conditions.

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Western Civilization, Part 2: From the Cradle to Modernity by Sophie Dulesh
The universe shows no evidence of any purpose or meaning, rendering inapplicable the idea of historical progress in the sense of movement in a vector toward some supreme goal(s). Yet both the inorganic and organic worlds seem to have direction as they unfold over time as we experience it: both evolve (progress?) from simpler to more complex forms. After the Big Bang, hot plasma gave rise to galaxies, while the organic ‘broth’ in hot volcanic pools eventually gave rise to humans...

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Stop the Reign and Down with the Crown by Dan Mayo
The time has come for brave Canadian men and women (plus those who may not have decided yet which they are) to renounce our status as a monarchy and become a republic. As our rockstar prime minister might put it, because it’s 2018. It won’t be that hard. A bit of paperwork for the lawyers and a brief note to Her Majesty thanking her for her service and offering a good letter of reference. But first we’ll need a short interlude of re-education camp for the weak-kneed or misguided and the geriatric set at the Loyal Orange Lodge. Armed insurrection, as always in matters constitutional, should be a last resort.

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On Gods by Plato Mamo
Apologists for religion make much of the fact that beliefs in supernatural entities, in souls and unseen personal powers occur in every social group, in all societies and all times. There appears to be a need for such beliefs in the human psyche. Someone recently suggested that there is a gene for religion. The explanation is, of course, very simple. All humans, before the rise of science, were totally ignorant of the nature of things.

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