* Humanist Perspectives: issue 177, Summer 2011

Humanist Perspectives: issue 177, Summer 2011

Issue 177, Summer 2011

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No Resentment, No Forgiveness by Yves Saint-Pierre
In his editorial, "No Resentment, No Forgiveness", Yves Saint-Pierre reflects on humankind's ethical needs and comes to the conclusion that "openness, understanding and compassion" best clear a path to a better world for all.

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The Rise of Neoconservatism in Canada by Shadia B. Drury
Shadia B. Drury, who holds the Canada Chair for Social Justice, briefly discusses the history of conservatism in her insightful essay on "The Rise of Neoconservatism in Canada" before identifying neoconservatism as "a creature of the radical right that is not genuinely conservative". She shows how Stephen Harper has embraced American necon policies and predicts that "Canada will be unrecognizable once he is done."

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Dr. Knight Would Have Smiled by John K. Nixon
Using Dr. Margaret Knight's 1954 BBC radio talk on "Morals without Religion", John K. Nixon exposes the carnage religious sectarianism has brought upon the world. He cites many examples of mass slaughter committed by the faithful throughout history and around the world, and argues that "religious beliefs promote intolerance, exacerbate ethnic divisions and impede social progress."

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A Poet’s Voice poems by John B. Lee
A Poet's Voice offers readers a sampling of the fine work of John B.Lee, Poet Laureate of Branford, Ontario, who wants his poems "to challenge the mind and to touch the heart." He agrees with Archibald MacLeish that "poems should not mean / But be" so that the reader experiences "hairs on the nape of his neck" rising.

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