** Humanist Perspectives: issue 203, Winter 2017-2018

Humanist Perspectives: issue 203, Winter 2017-2018

Issue 203, Winter 2017-2018

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In Praise of Dialogue by Richard Young
Viva la dialogue! A small ode to a big idea.

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In the Name of Salvation by Jockie Loomer-Kruger
Did I miss the first signs of elder abuse happening to him? I believe I did. The clues were in a drawing...

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What is the Meaning of Human Life? by Guido O. Perez MD
Some people argue that this question is too vague or that it doesn’t have an answer. Nihilists affirm that a life of suffering followed by death has no meaning at all...

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When Metaphysical Beliefs Trump Human Compassion by Gary Bauslaugh
Religion-inspired compassion can be a beautiful thing. But why does it so vociferously abandon those who at the end of their lives could most use a bit of compassion?

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Against Faux-Feminists Who Deny the Rights of Muslim Women and Jews by Phyllis Chesler
Have you ever wondered why feminism seems to go silent at times and places where equality is most desperately needed? So have we.

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Impressions of China by John K. Nixon
Vancouverite John K. Nixon recounts a recent visit to China. Following Mr. Nixon's observant gaze takes us from a massive cable-stayed bridge over the Yangtze to an anti-snoring medication consisting of silkworm feces.

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Neurons Gone Wild by Kevin Simler
To reject gods and spirits is easy: just bully them away in the name of science. But to accept them, or at least our experiences of them, and yet give them a scientific explanation: there’s a task worthy of our art...

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Turning Sixty: The Prime of Our Lives by Leigh Donaldson
Leigh Donaldson on turning 60. Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? 

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Book reviews

Review of Daniel C. Dennett’s “From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds” by Michael Schulman
The title of Daniel C. Dennett’s latest book suggests that minds reached their apogee in the head of the great 18th-century composer and have since regressed to microbial automatism...

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