Humanist Perspectives: issue 146, Ends & Means

Ends & Means
issue 146, Autumn 2003

cover of issue 146
Ends, Means & Slippery Slopes by Gary Bauslaugh
Sometimes the end may justify the means, but not when George Bush lies to the American people to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Blodwen & Joe Piercy by Penny Sanger
Sanger remembers the Piercys.
letters from our readers
the world around us
the world around us


Seeds: a dialogue on Gandhi’s account of means & ends by Trudy Govier
Govier writes a contemporary dialogue on Ghandi’s account of ends and means.
Ends, Means & Situation Ethics:
when violence is justifiable
by Prakash Narain
Gandhi’s Letters to Hitler: 1939, 1941 (historical)


Civilization in Crisis, part 2:
seeking a better direction for a post-Christian society
by Henry Beissel
Part 2 of Beissel’s far-ranging “inquiry in search of a future.”


practical philosophy
Problems with False Dichotomies by Trudy Govier
There are almost always more than two choices; reality does not divide itself up so neatly.
things that go bump
Magical Thinking by James Alcock
Alcock lays the groundwork for his regular column, in which he will look for rational explanations for the things we observe in the world.
Warrior Politics reviewed by Ian Johnston
Johnston reviews Robert D Kaplan’s book Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos.
Iran’s Remarkable National Cinema by Shirley Goldberg
As Goldberg says, looking “through this cinematic window, we certainly don’t see George Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil.’”