If you would like to be a part of Humanist Perspectives Magazine, we welcome both literary and artistic contributions.


We are interested in a wide range of articles, stories and poetry that reflect our mandate. We look for works that reflect the efforts of humans to lead responsible and good lives, in the only world we have — the natural world. We publish writing on ethics, art, politics, religion, environment, education, and many other topics that relate to the rich complexity of human life. Writings in Humanist Perspectives aim to be of interest to both the intellectual community and the general public. We look for articles that are interesting, original, well-written and accurate.


  • Articles and fiction can be any length up to 3000 words, though shorter work increases the chance of publication.
  • Poetry is usually under 50 lines, with a preference for shorter work.
  • Manuscripts can be submitted as an e-mail attachment to the Editor using the form below.
  • Please include one or two sentences of biographical information, as well as a one paragraph abstract of your work (up to 100 words).
  • Feel free to include any photographs, illustrations, and other visual aids or artwork that might well complement a text submission (please ensure copyright).
  • NEW : Event information and specific news-items of interest to the general humanist community are welcome here with as much detail/linking as necessary.
  • DO NOT use this page for our short submission content — click on Humanist Perspectives Short Submission Contest in the right column.
Use this form to send FULL-LENGTH submissions
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detail of Urbi et Orbi by Claudia Nicoletti

We acknowledge manuscripts soon after they arrive. Writers may hear nothing more for several weeks while the Editor reviews submissions with our Editorial Committee, but are eventually notified whether or not a submission will be published. Writers who are concerned about the status of their manuscript may contact the Editor. If a submission is to be used in the magazine, but major changes are required, the writer will be consulted. Small editorial changes will not normally be reviewed with writers.

Unless otherwise agreed, Humanist Perspectives will assume the right to republish your article, including on our website. As we operate on a very small budget, most contributions to Humanist Perspectives are unpaid. In some cases, when circumstances permit (when we have a grant for the purpose or other special source of funds) we can offer an honorarium.


In addition to text, Humanist Perspectives also publishes visual images: illustrations, photographs, paintings, et cetera. Most often these images complement the text pieces, but can also be published as independent images. We are especially interested in work which relates to an issue’s theme, that celebrates our natural world and diverse cultures, or that challenges our ways of thinking. We aim to showcase engaging, mature, and contemplative artwork rather than witty political cartoons.

As we operate on a very small budget, contributions by visual artists are unpaid. Copyright will belong to both the artist and Humanist Perspectives.

Submissions are welcome, and may be submitted to our Art Director using this same form.

Humanist Perspectives is published four times each year.