Humanist Perspectives: issue 156, Africa, the Cradle of Humanity

Africa, the Cradle of Humanity
issue 156, Spring 2006

cover of issue 156
My Stardust Memory
Bauslaugh goes to the Amaz!ng Meeting 4, sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation at the Stardust in Las Vegas.
Dark Deeds in Africa
…and elsewhere
by Gary Bauslaugh
…the dubious western legacy in a troubled continent.
letters from our readers
the world around us
Diverging Directions by Theo Meijer
…but don’t forget the good things the west has given the world.


Lillian by Sally Murray
A young African girl, in a pink dress, dies of AIDS.
We Are All African:
Four Words that Can Change the World
by Christopher diCarlo
diCarlo discusses the compelling DNA evidence regarding the African origins of all humans, and suggests that this discovery should end the human scourge of racism.
What We Can Do for Africa by Philip B Berger
Dr Berger talks about his work in an AIDS clinic in Lesotho, and about how a concerted effort there could save many lives.
When Africa Calls Uhuru by Henry Beissel
Beissel give a moving, poetic account of the African experience.

columns & departments

practical philosophy
the Concept of Ubuntu by Trudy Govier
Govier writes about an African belief that self cannot be adequately defined without reference to relationships with other humans.
letter from new york
Race, Class & the Morning Commute by Jonny Diamond
There is one thing that unites most New Yorkers: aggravation over subway strikes.
Decolonizing the Images of Africa by Shirley Goldberg
Goldberg looks at the films of African filmmaker Ousmane Sembene.
Race Against Time
Ian Johnston discusses Stephen Lewis’ book
Johnston discusses Stephen Lewis’ book on the African AIDS catastrophe.


Space Muppet by Cathleen With
A story by prize-winning writer Cathleen With.

last word

On Drink! On Spirit! On Humanity! by Michael Matthews
Matthews writes about the pleasures of drink.


Aids Walk, New York by Judy Michaels