* Humanist Perspectives: issue 176, Spring 2011

Humanist Perspectives: issue 176, Spring 2011

Issue 176, Spring 2011

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Mouammar Kadhafi and the Harper Brand by Yves Saint-Pierre
Could there be a kinship between Kadhafi and our own Stephen Harper? Saint-Pierre explores this intriguing question, taking last summer’s G-20 summit in Toronto as illustrative of the Harper brand.

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Reflections on Mortality by Bill Broderick
In this thoughtful, thought-provoking and uplifting piece, Broderick reflects on the fragile unlikelihood of individual life, its randomness and its corresponding wonder.

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All Things Weird and Wonderful by John K. Nixon
The Lancet Liver Fluke, a name that hardly inspires wonder. In this piece, Nixon traces the unlikely life cycle of this modest little critter and reveals how it is, indeed, most surprising and most wonderful.

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A Poet’s Voice poems by Theresa Wolfwood
The biographical note, author’s statement and thought provoking poems of this West Coast, Hornby Island and Victoria poet and activist can be read on line. Wolfwood is director of Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation and her poems have been widely translated.

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The Canadian Council of Chief Executives: Northern Oligarchy by Morgan Duchesney
In this thoroughly researched piece, Duchesney examines the history, evolution and influence of this, Canada’s most powerful lobby group. A must-read article for anyone who cares about how policy decisions are made.

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My Lokayatika Mom by Dennis Bartles, illustrated by Mireille Durand
Bartles brings us another of his delightful and instructive tales that introduce readers to some of the early schools of doubt. The Lokayata of sixth century India are here introduced through a lively and engaging story with lovely illustrations by Mireille Durand.

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Islam or Secular Humanism by Kalid Sohail
In this talk, originally given in the context of a debate sponsored by the Muslim Students Association of Western Ontario, humanist phsychiatrist, Sohail, traces the evolution of his own humanism, as a young man, in Muslim Pakistan.

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Tyranny of the Minority? by Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova
The separation of church and state in Ontario is once more addressed in this piece. This time the issue of prayer in municipal meetings is addressed from the perspective of someone directly involved in the struggle.

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Book Review: The Trouble with Billionaires by Rae Aston
This probing work by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks is thoughtfully presented and critiqued by Quebec humanist and ecosocialist, Rae Aston.
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