Humanist Perspectives: issue 149, Popular Culture

Popular Culture
issue 149, Summer 2004

cover of issue 149
Popular Culture & Intellectual Freedom by Gary Bauslaugh
How do we maintain any sense of individuality in a world in which so much human ingenuity is dedicated to making us conform?
letters from our readers
the world around us
the world around us by Theo Meijer


Defending Public Space:
Community Witnessing
by John Baglow
Baglow describes the efforts of a group of Ottawa citizens who took on the task of monitoring the behaviour of the police during public demonstrations.
the Persecution of Evelyn Martens by Paul Zollman
This is the first in a series of articles that examine the reprehensible treatment of a great-grandmother who put herself at risk to attend the suicides of two women and give them the comfort of human presence at the time of their deaths.


the Tradition & Techniques of Satire:
the Case of Michael Moore, part 1
by Brett Zimmerman
In the first part of a two-part series Zimmerman looks at Michael Moore as a modern satirist.
Clutter: consquences of consumption by Marni Stanley & Kathryn Barnwell
We live in a culture of consumption. But what do we do with all of the stuff we get?
Dwarf Tossing: just making a living by Robert Cormack
Is this strange practice unacceptable? Cormack has some surprising answers.


practical philosophy
Appealing to the Natural by Trudy Govier
Why consumer products spin themselves as being ‘natural.’
things that go bump
the Dying of the Light by James Alcock
What is the evidence that when we die we “cross-over” to another life?
the Gospel According to Monty,
Martin, Denys, Pier Paolo & Mel
by Shirley Goldberg
Goldberg looks at Jesus films — from excellent ones such as Denys Arcand’s Jesus of Montreal to awful ones like Mel Gibson’s.


* Atheism, Morality & Meaning edited by Ian Johnston
Shawn Dawson reviews Michael Martin’s Atheism, Morality & Meaning.
* H L Mencken on Religion edited by Ian Johnston
William Broderick reviews H L Mencken on Religion (edited by ST Joshi).
* Peace on Earth… Is It Possible? reviewed by Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston reviews Carl Zimmerman’s Peace on Earth… Is It Possible?

fiction & poetry

Carny by Cathleen With
This story about a disappearing aspect of popular culture was the winner of our first fiction contest, and then became a finalist for a Western Magazine Award for fiction.
In Search of a Lost Moment by Inge Israel


Action Plans by H E Schrieber & Gary Bauslaugh

last word

Guilty Pleasures by Jean Irwin
Irwin makes a confession about certain low-brow indulgences.