* Humanist Perspectives: issue 197, Summer 2016

Humanist Perspectives: issue 197, Summer 2016

Issue 197, Summer 2016

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Discussing the Undiscussable by Richard Young
No subject matter can be placed on a pedestal so high that reasoned discussion can't reach it.

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On Why the Institution of Marriage Refuses to Fade and Die and What Humanists Should Do About It by Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson, Ph.D.
"The institution of marriage has not died because it speaks to a need for ceremony in the self-maintenance of our lives." Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson describes the importance of marriage and his experience as a secular humanist wedding officiant in northern Saskatchewan.

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The Role of Educators in Desacralizing Ideas by Guilherme Brambatti Guzzo & Gabriel Dall’Alba
"If a relativist educator thinks all opinions are equally valid, what is the point in fostering discussions in class?" Guzzo and Dell'Alba make the case that educators have an important role to play in helping students reason clearly about even their most cherished beliefs.

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The Death of a Giant by Gary Bauslaugh
Gary Bauslaugh discusses the state of Canada's assisted dying laws and follows up on the death of John Hofsess.

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Things That Go Beep in the Night by John K. Nixon
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The Long Apprenticeship: How Evolution, Children and Time Created Human Values by Tom Campbell
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Educated for Murder by Barbara Smoker
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A Tribute to Andy Mulcahy On the Occasion of his 94th Birthday by Humanist well-wishers
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Book reviews

Review of Sam Harris' and Maajid Nawaz's book “Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue” by Patrick Keeney
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Review of Patrick Finn's book “Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity” by George Williamson
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Review of Derek H. Burney's and Fen Osler Hampson's book “Brave New Canada: Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World” by Glen Harper
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