Humanist Perspectives: issue 159, How Universities Are Failing Us

How Universities Are Failing Us
issue 159, Winter 2006

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Reforming Undergraduate Education by Gary Bauslaugh
Teaching is seriously undervalued in universities. Why? For one thing, research is the dominating focus of faculty members and administrators.
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letter from london
Creationism in the Land of Darwin by Andrew Copson
Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association writes about some successes in dealing with fundamentalism in Britain.
reflections of a humanist
Education, Humanism & Democracy by Theo Meijer
Universities are failing to provide the focus on liberal education that is central to a fully functioning democracy.


Our Universities:
How We Got Where We Are
by Ian Johnston
Johnston explains how universities got to be the way they are, and shows how this has seriously damaged undergraduate education.
the Rapid Transformation of Universities by Paul Kurtz
Paul Kurtz, a giant in the North American sceptical movement, talks about the ways universities have changed during his many years as a philosophy professor.
a Plague of Postmodernism by Justin Trottier
The academic Left sometimes compromises the social democratic causes it supports by supporting certain forms of intolerance.


Three Score and Ten — and Still Learning by Henry Beissel
A new work by the great humanist poet Henry Beissel.

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practical philosophy
Multiculturalism & Moral Relativism by Trudy Govier
Does multiculturalism imply moral relativism? Govier argues that it does not.
things that go bump
Who Chooses What to Teach in the Halls of Higher Learning? by James Alcock
Alcock discusses how the process for determining program offerings went awry at York University, when University administrators almost succeeded in bringing in a chiropractic degree.
Reed Remembered by Shirley Goldberg
Shirley Goldberg, our film writer, remembers wonderful undergraduate years at Reed College.
letter from new york
The Great Education Divide by Jonny Diamond
Capitalism contributes to the decline in public education, and in democracy.
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theme: Universities by Ian Johnston

last word

What Went Right by Mike Matthews
Universities didn’t fail Mike Matthews.

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Something Didn’t Happen (on the 25th Anniversary of Arts 1)
by Robert Rowan
At the 25th Anniversary of the landmark Arts 1 program at UBC, perhaps the most important innovation ever in undergraduate education in Canada, Bob Rowan (the man responsible for bringing the program to UBC) talks about problems in undergraduate education, and about how Arts 1 addresses those problems.
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