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Strange Days

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  • Inside Front Cover: Humanist Canada calls for release of Nigerian Humanist President / Madeline Weld

    …Mubarak Bala…was arrested by Nigerian police on April 28, 2020, following a complaint he had insulted the prophet Mohammad in a social media post. Bala, a former Muslim, has been arrested without formal charges. Bala’s lawyer has not been allowed access to his client.
  • Editorial: Black Lives Madness / Madeline Weld

    Mobs toppling statues, attacking police, looting and burning buildings, terrorizing citizens in their homes and violently occupying a section of Seattle all suggest something more significant than the “mostly peaceful protests” reported by the mainstream media.
  • This Planet Ain’t Big Enough for All of Us / David M Reid

    Two hundred years ago this small planet was inhabited by one billion humans. Now Earth has 7.8 billion and possibly 10 billion by 2060. Some argue that population growth will soon slow when rural people move to cities, but given the rapid population increases in cities in Africa, Central and...
  • Left Populism: A review of an organized mobbing / HP

    I stopped watching Don Cherry’s “Coaches’ Corner” more than two decades ago. If I was watching a hockey game and his program came on, I would turn the television off. Mute was not good enough. I did not even want to see his image on my screen.
  • Why Western Elites Can’t Keep Ignoring Africa’s Overpopulation Problem / Bradley Betters

    In America today, talking about the problems of overpopulation is pretty much like placing oneself in the middle of two armies fighting. From the Left, you’re attacked as a Malthusian or, of course, a fascist. From the establishment Right, you’re accused of supporting Chinese totalitarianism or...
  • The Media: A Force for Activism / Dale Branscombe

    Objective, non-partisan reporting is a thing of the past. Complex topics are glossed over in a superficial manner in what is more like propaganda than in-depth, unbiased, investigative journalism. The mainstream media seems to be working harder to cover up the news than to report it.
  • COVID-19 in Perspective / Tony Cassils

    The following statement is offered as a short preface: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” But the author has researched the statistics diligently and uses them in good faith.
  • The Instant Wedding Party / John K. Nixon

    “But I haven’t got a hat!” Those were the first words uttered by my mother when I greeted her as she arrived in Montreal with the news that my fiancée and I were to be married three days later.
  • The Poster Boy of White Privilege / Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson

    My friend is the poster boy for white privilege. I know this because his likeness was placed on a large billboard in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with the phrase: “I have to acknowledge my own privilege and racist attitudes.”