* * Humanist Perspectives: issue 210, Autumn 2019

Humanist Perspectives: issue 210, Autumn 2019

Issue 210, Autumn 2019

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It’s hard to wrap my headscarf around ostrich syndrome by Madeline Weld
Ostriches will periodically poke their beaks into a shallow hole where their eggs are incubating to turn them so they’re evenly heated. Most people, including Gad Saad, know that they don’t actually bury their heads in the sand.

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Is it a phobia if they really are trying to shut you up? by Madeline Weld
...Many peaceful Muslims are pushing on the same side of the door as the jihadis, by seeking to transform our institutions and laws and using those very institutions and laws to do so. And one of the weapons in their arsenal is the word Islamophobia.

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Where are the Feminists? by Dale Branscombe
When six young girls were groped in a public pool at the West Edmonton Mall, no feminist protest was heard.

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Multiculturalism and the Future of Canadian Nationhood by Alan Danesh
…What was not anticipated at the time was that the genesis of bilingualism and biculturalism would over several decades mutate into the multiculturalism of today, whereby every ethnic enclave would believe itself entitled to maintain the habits and customs of its country of origin...

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The Affordable Housing Issue: Time for a Reality Check by Barry Mayhew
Hardly a week goes by without some politician or advocacy group lamenting the need for more affordable housing.

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Glorious Disorder by Reed Stirling
...If we are all god’s beloved creatures, including our Cro-Magnon ancestors, why design so many diseases to make lives miserable?

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The Pernicious Principles of Bjorn Lomborg by Lorna Salzman
....He manifests the same bias that afflicts most economists: reducing the parameters of debate to economics and assigning monetary value to things whose value cannot be impartially determined.

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Preventing Anti-Muslim Violence by David Rand
.... Similarities with the mosque massacre in Quebec City on January 29th, 2017, have been raised. Apart from the fact that the number of victims is much higher, there are nevertheless important differences.

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Reformation of Islam is Long Overdue by Sophie Dulesh
.... In contrast, the global terror of our times is deliberate violence against civilians by non-state actors for political gains – a massacre of unsuspecting innocent strangers from all walks of life who may be half a globe away.

Dancing with Shakespeare by James Bacque
When I was young and wondering about what to do with this precious life that had been given to me, I thought about becoming a writer. However, I somehow knew that if I did, I would also develop the habit of observing myself as I was living my life

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Book reviews

Review of Bill Graham’s “The Call of the World: a Political Memoir” by Glen Harper
.... Writing about his time as a Liberal Member of Parliament from Toronto during the 1990s, Mr. Graham stated that, “When I think back on those years, I mostly remember the intense human anguish and the frustration....”

Obituary: Paul Michael Pfalzner 1923 – 2019 by Richard Thain
If you are looking for an example of someone who dedicated his life to attempting to understand the human condition, suggesting solutions based on reason to a myriad of problems, and applying discoveries of modern science for the betterment of humanity, the life of Paul Pfalzner stands out.

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