** Humanist Perspectives: issue 205, Summer 2018

Humanist Perspectives: issue 205, Summer 2018

Issue 205, Summer 2018

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Two Perspectives on MAID – Choose One by Gary Bauslaugh
Catholic doctrine vs. human compassion in the debate over medically-assisted death.


On Scorpions and Great Commissions by Gary Bauslaugh
Guest Editor Gary Bauslaugh reflects upon his earlier time, in the mid 2000’s, as Editor of HP. He continues to see the role of humanists as seeking “reason, justice and tolerance in the conduct of human affairs.”

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Belief in the Face of Contrary Evidence by James Alcock
Psychologist James Alcock presents an excerpt from his recent book “Belief: what it means to believe and why our convictions are so compelling.”

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Influences on Darwin, Part 1 by Robert Weyant
We can begin with the influence that the most important woman in Darwin’s life, Emma, had on him. Emma Wedgwood was born in 1808, in the Wedgwood family home, Maer Hall, in rural Staffordshire...

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Belief and Reason in our Courts by Gary Bauslaugh
Gary Bauslaugh writes about the recent trial of Gerald Stanley, who shot and killed young First Nations man Colin Bouchie. The trial raised a number of troubling questions about certain beliefs that affect our justice system.

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Free to Offend? by Trudy Govier
Philosopher Trudy Govier explores reason and belief in regard to free speech, in a three-part dialogue. Does free speech mean the right to offend? How do we define offensiveness?

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Lucretius and the Nature of Things by Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson writes about Lucretius’ great humanist treatise “On the Nature of Things.” The lengthy Latin poem was rediscovered 600 years ago and still stands as “one of the most remarkable, influential and enduring visions of what it means to be a classical humanist.”

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Nearly the Last Word: Reason and Beliefs about the Silver Tsunami by Carol Matthews
Carol Matthews wonders about our beliefs concerning aging. Have we become “self-indulgent pleasure seekers?” Or are we victims of aging? Or should we just think of ourselves as humans?

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Review of Pankaj Mishra’s “Age of Anger - A History of the Present” by Sophie Dulesh
Pankaj Mishra claims that his book “aims to reveal some historically recurrent phenomena across the world, and their common underlying source in one of the most extraordinary events of human history: the advent of a commercial-industrial civilization in the West and then its replication elsewhere...

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