* Humanist Perspectives: issue 172, Spring 2010

Humanist Perspectives: issue 172, Spring 2010

Issue 172, Spring 2010

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Asimov’s Next Revolution by Yves Saint-Pierre
In this editorial, Yves Saint-Pierre recalls a comment by Isaac Asimov predicting that, after Einstein’s having revolutionized the world of physics, the next revolution would be in economics. He speculates on the possible nature of that revolution and postulates that it must take into account the essential wealth of humanity.

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Pat Duffy Hutcheon’s Lonely Trail by Donald Hatch
In this tribute to the late Pat Duffy Hutcheon, Donald Hatch recalls the difficult and courageous life of this exemplary humanist.

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Thomas Carlyle: Transcendentalism and Beyond by Susan Frome
In this well researched and fascinating piece, Susan Frome traces and considers the important influence of the Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, on American Transcendentalists, Emerson and Thoreau.

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Another Voice for Non-believers by David Rand
David Rand introduces the manifesto of Atheist Freethinkers, a new atheist group based in Quebec. The manifesto follows, including an invitation to sign on.

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A Poet’s Voice poems by Keith Garebian
The biographical note, author’s statement and stirring poems of this talented Ontario poet can be read on line.

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Why be Moral by Goldwin J. Emerson
After Science as a Voice for Morality, which appeared in the pages of HP 171, Goldwin J. Emerson presents further interesting speculation on the topic in this companion piece.

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The Humanistic Value of Martial Arts by Morgan Duchesney
A long-time practitioner of martial arts, frequent contributor Morgan Duchesney explores the humanistic potential of the practice of the martial arts of Japan.

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A Race of One’s Own by Sabrina Mehra Furminger
In this thoughtful piece, Sabrina Mehra Furminger reflects on the complexities of forging an identity for a young Canadian woman of mixed race.

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Last Page Humour: Lawn Care
While it isn’t easy these days to get a laugh out of environmental questions, this clever piece, of unknown authorship, sent in by reader Dan Morrison, will surely bring a smile to your face, if perhaps an uncomfortable smile.

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In this issue we introduce the Featured Letter, with a thoughtful and amusing letter by Chuck Shamata. (available for download with the Editorial)
In addition, Humanist Perspectives, offers a lively "Letters-to-the-Editor" section as well as "Book Reviews", books available for review and snippets of international news of interest to humanists..