Humanist Perspectives: issue 153, Medicine & the Informed Patient

Medicine & the Informed Patient
issue 153, Summer 2005

cover of issue 153
Information & Personal Autonomy by Gary Bauslaugh
The editor ponders the controversial medical ethics that reside on the thin line between living and dying. (read online)
the world around us
The Art and Science of Medicine by Theo Meijer
Given a health care system that favours drugs and surgery — often to the financial benefit of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies — Meijer argues we would all benefit from incorporating some aspects of alternative medicine into our medical practices. (read online)
letters from our readers
more on conscience
Humanist in Canada reader Bob Mcquarrie thoughtfully responds to the questions posed by Trudy Govier in her article “What Is Conscience?” (issue #152). (read online)


The Evelyn Martens Defence Fund by Paul Zollman
Zollman reports on the nature and extent of public support for Evelyn Martens during her trial. (read online)


Medical Practice & Personal Autonomy by Carol Collier
A philosopher looks at some of the complex considerations regarding patient autonomy. (read online)
The Appeal of Alternative Medicine by James Alcock
Alcock, a psychology professor and leading skeptic, examines why so many people are turning to unscientific sources for medical information. (read online)
The Buying of the Medical Profession by Alan Cassels
Cassels shows how misleading information is passed on to the medical community by drug companies. (read online)
The Partially Informed Patient by Ted Merrill
When Dr Merrill requires heart-surgery, he discovers how difficult it is to be truly well-informed about one’s health care. (read online)
Screening & the Prevention of Disease by Giles Stevenson
Stevenson, a radiologist, discusses the problem of making informed decisions concerning the efficacy of medical screening programs. (read online)


Alfred C Kinsey by Shirley Goldberg
Goldberg looks at the roll of the religious right in suppressing Kinsey, a film about sex-researcher Alfred Kinsey. (read online)
practical philosophy
Listening by Trudy Govier
Govier explores a problem with doctors: they don’t always listen. (read online)
letter from new york
Wealth & Hellfare on the Lower East Side by Jonny Diamond
Diamond writes about the inadequacy of health care for the poor in the United States. (read online)


* The Problem of the Soul:
Two Visions of Mind & How to Reconcile Them by Robert G Weyant
Robert G Weyant reviews The Problem of the Soul: Two Visions of Mind & How to Reconcile Them by Owen Flanagan. (read online)
children’s books
* Children, Illness & Books by Gwyneth Evans
Delving into classic children’s literature of the twentieth century, Gwyneth Evans traces the radical changes to everyday life brought about by the advent of antibiotics and modern medicine. (read online)

last word

The Real Deal by Goldwin Emerson
Emerson muses on the interplay of reality and fantasy in the life of a humanist. (read online)