* * Humanist Perspectives: issue 213, Summer 2020

Humanist Perspectives: issue 213, Summer 2020

Issue 213, Summer 2020

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Illusions by Gary Bauslaugh
“The things that you’re liable to read in the Bible – it ain’t necessarily so.” Especially when it comes to immortality.

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The Power of “We” in the time of Covid-19 by Katharine Browne
Team reasoning may be a means to avoid the ‘tragedy of the commons” taking place in the covid crisis. The efficacy of individual reasons may, in certain circumstances, be illusory.

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O Death, Where is thy Sting? by James E. Alcock
Parapsychology has its roots in spiritualism – searching for contact with the departed. It seeks, through scientific experimentation, to validate the existence of paranormal forces, and perhaps immortality, but it remains a belief in search of evidence.

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To Live Forever or Die in the Attempt by Ian Johnston
Plato saw the idea of the immortality of the soul as essential to a new understanding of the good life. Was he right?

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Immortality: Could it be a Dangerous Illusion? by Trudy Govier
A new book, ”This Life – Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom” by Martin Hagglund, raises important questions about the idea of immortality. Trudy Govier concludes with the observation, “This life is what we have. Live it; appreciate it; strive within it. This is it.

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Truth and Illusion – A theme in the plays of Ibsen by Gwyneth Evans
Will “the truth set you free”, or is it that “Humankind cannot bear too much reality?” Gwyneth Evans explores this idea as presented in the plays of the great Norwegian playwright Henrick Ibsen

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Illusions of Engagement: Less May Well Be More by Janet Keeping
Janet Keeping addresses the widespread fallacy that there are two (legitimate) sides to every story. Some ideas deserve to be ignored.

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