* Humanist Perspectives: issue 199, Winter 2016-2017

Humanist Perspectives: issue 199, Winter 2016-2017

Issue 199, Winter 2016-2017

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Next time it won't be a guy with a funny moustache screaming in German by Richard Young
The hazard of being born and raised in a free country is that it is all too easy to forget that there is nothing inevitable about the progress of civil liberties. The clock can be -- and has been -- turned back in certain parts of the world. Is Canada inherently immune?

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The Quiet Tragedy of Orillia by Thelma Wheatley
Thelma Wheatley discusses Ontario's almost forgotten Asylum for Idiots and Feeble-Minded, founded in 1876.

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Interview with Terry George, Director of The Promise by Dr. Christopher DiCarlo
Dr. Christopher DiCarlo chats with Terry George at TIFF about his film set during the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the Armenian genocide.

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Libya's bloody bedlam enabled by Canadian "humanitarians" by Murray Dobbin
Murray Dobbin describes how Canada dropped the "responsibility to protect" ball in Libya.

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Is the Muslim Brotherhood active in Canada? by Robert Barrigar
Robert Barrigar takes a closer look at some Islamic organizations operating in Canada. He also spells out what Halal certification actually means.

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In Search of a Secular Hospice by Donald Shields
"What is the role of religion in a hospice setting? I had been troubled searching for the answer to my question from the very first day of my involvement in hospice".

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A Magical Place by John K. Nixon
Author John K. Nixon poetically describes a part of the British Columbia coastline that has a special meaning for him.

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The Missing Ritual by Barry Mayhew
Barry Mayhew describes various Western rituals such as those which surround birth, graduation, marriage and death. He then suggests one other.

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Book reviews

Review of Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola’s “Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind” by George Williamson
Religious leaders of every denomination—be they priests, pastors, ministers, rabbis or imams—are expected to hear the doubts of their congregants and to offer reassurance to the troubled as part of their role. But what happens when the clergy themselves have doubts...

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