* Humanist Perspectives: issue 194, Autumn 2015

Humanist Perspectives: issue 194, Autumn 2015

Issue 194, Autumn 2015

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The 64 Gazillion Dollar Question: How do you know? by Richard Young
So much pivots around the simple yet too-often-neglected question, "How do you know?"

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“Israeli Kindness Changed my Life,” says Hamas Escapee by Elhanan Miller
[Cover story] A 24-year-old gay Palestinian ex-Muslim is hoping to stay in Canada, but Canada wants to deport him back to the West Bank—and a near-certain death.

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John Calvin visits Ottawa by Richard Young
Update on John Calvin's situation since January 2015 (companion piece to Miller article)

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Mercy and Canadian Law: The Prohibition of Assisted Suicide by Gary Bauslaugh
Canada's supreme court has shifted in the last 20 years, from an outright ban on assisted suicide to legalization. But does it go far enough?

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Founts, Frauds and Forgeries of Religion by Michael Paulkovich
This brief history will examine the roots of Christianity, how it has been concocted from a variety of sources, and why it has continued to evolve in the centuries since it was declared to be the official religion of Rome.

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Insanity and Christianity in the Nineteenth Century by Brett Zimmerman
We've heard it many times before — a religious person does something crazy in the name of religion. The religion ends up exonerated while the person is labelled 'crazy'. Zimmerman here examines the complicated relationship between religion and madness.

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The Golden Rule by John K. Nixon
If we can instill this idea in our children and teach them the basic sanctity of life and respect for Humanity, then over time this can make a very positive difference.

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Who’s Actually Being “Gross and Racist”? by Faisal Saeed Al Mutar
An Iraqi refugee takes Ben Affleck to task for brushing off any and all criticism of the doctrines of Islam as mere "Islamophobia".

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A review of the film “Ex Machina” by Christopher DiCarlo
Philosopher Chris DiCarlo shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence and the technology of the not-too-distant future in the context of the film "Ex Machina".

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Minutes to Midnight: 835 Order of Canada Recipients Push for Nuclear Disarmament by Murray Thomson
In October, 2008, the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, called for all states to consider a nuclear weapons convention as a means towards nuclear disarmament. The challenge was taken up by individual recipients of the Order of Canada, who established an informal network of support.

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Book review

Review of Joe Clark's “How We Lead: Canada in a Century of Change” by Glen Harper
Drawing on his past experience, particularly as the Foreign Minister and Constitutional Affairs Minister, as well as work with international groups since that time, Mr. Clark outlines a different approach to Canadian foreign policy.
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