Humanist Perspectives: issue 181, Summer 2012

Issue 181, Summer 2012

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by Carl Dow
Editor Carl Dow brings focus on the decision by an Ontario Court of Appeal that legalizes brothels. He presents arguments in favour of and against legal brothels and the dangers inherent in prostitution.
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Greta Christina, in her hard-hitting humourful style, wants to know Why Does Religion Get a Free Ride in an Armoured Car?

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Andrew Nikiforuk writes on Understanding Harper’s Evangelical Mission. Contrary to the founding principles of the Fathers of Confederation, Harper is merging church and state.

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Henry Beissel has his tongue in cheek when he says in his column Counterattack that Everything’s Just Fine.

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Nancy P. Swartz, west cost writer of poetic prose, describes how Andy Mulcahy lost god and found the road to Secular Humanism on the blood soaked European battlefields of the Second World War.

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Nancy P. Swartz, also writes about Secular Humanist Yvonne Dobson who, repelled by the horrors of religious practice, merged her feminism with humanism.

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John K. Nixon tells us that My Kind of Heaven is the meaning of one’s modest existence in the presence of timeless grandeur.
Brett Zimmerman provides us with a delightful romp in his version of Genesis with The Gospel According to Zimmy: A Poem in Ten Cantos or Doggerel in Motion.

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In a more somber mood, poetry editor Henry Beissel introduces Walter Bauer and his magnificent body of work. Walter Bauer declined to accept the end of humanity; he believed in the human spirit’s capacity for compassion, sacrifice and endurance. The poet’s duty, he told us, is to nourish that spirit and thus endow us with courage and hope. It’s not enough for the poet to record the past; he or she must also reveal the inherent glory of humanity’s achievement at its best and thus help imbue us with the strength and intelligence to pursue a viable path to a greater future. This spirit is powerfully represented in the seven poems that appear in the Summer 2012 issue of Humanist Perspectives.

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A Mother’s Story by Jamie Johnson will move you from fear to tears of joy. Totally unexpected are dramatic changes in two of her children; a son for a short term, a daughter forever, that profoundly challenged a mother’s capacity to love.
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Carl Dow, Editor Humanist Perspectives