Humanist Perspectives: issue 163, Eco-Humanism

issue 163, Winter 2007

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Constructive Humanism by Gary Bauslaugh
Should humanism be about creating more divisions in the world, or about finding constructive ways to work with others to build a better society? The great biologist EO Wilson chooses the latter.
the SSHRC affair lives on by Gary Bauslaugh
The latest incidents in the long struggle to hold Canada’s second largest source of research grants accountable for its equating creationist ideas with evolution.
letters from our readers
reflections of a humanist
Modern Humanism & the Environment by Theo Meijer
Humanism has long recognized the importance of environmentalism. Theo Meijer looks at ways in which environmental concerns have been featured in Humanist Perspectives and in other humanist sources.


Dualism, Nature & Society:
Finding Peace with What Is
by Dan Overmyer
The dualistic tradition in the West has for 2500 years focused on finding peace and assurance beyond this world. This world is our only hope, but what a hope it is!
Remembering an Eco-Humanist by Laurie Gourlay
The life and accomplishments of the late great eco-humanist Colleen McCrory are talked about by her friend Laurie Gourlay.
Photo Essay by Montreal photographer Daniel Seguin
Subsidies & Deep-Sea Fish Depletion by Rashid Sumaila
Fishing of the very vulnerable deep sea fish is unfortunately being subsidized by many countries.

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practical philosophy
Visiting Uninhabited Islands by Trudy Govier
Trudy Govier writes about her visit to the fragile Galapagos Islands
things that go bump
Belief & Eco-Humanism by James Alcock
Why are people environmentally insensitive, and what can we do about it?
Stranger than We can Possibly Imagine by Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston looks at some recent environmental books.
Eco-Angst at the Film Fest by Shirley Goldberg
From Al Gore’s historic success with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth to a wide variety of productions from many countries, films are playing a central role in raising awareness of environmental problems.
letter from new york
Live Freegan or Die by Jonny Diamond
Waste in the big city is fought by those who recover food and almost everything else from dumpsters.

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I Shall Return fiction by Lori Hahnel

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Global Warning! by John Nixon
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