Humanist Perspectives: issue 154, Darwin and the Evangelicals

Darwin and the Evangelicals
issue 154, Autumn 2005

cover of issue 154
the Willing Suspension of Belief by Gary Bauslaugh
Bauslaugh laments the persistence of fundamentalist religious belief in the fact of scientific reason. (read online)
the world around us
Evolution & Education by Theo Meijer
Meijer examines the ongoing assault by the religious Right on the teaching of evolution in public schools. (read online)


We are all African by Derek Kaill
Kaill illuminates the trial and tribulations of Dr Christopher diCarlo: philosopher, educator and pain in the ass. (read online)
Evolution Education Research Centre
by Brian Alters, Anila Asghar, Jason R Wiles
The EERC reports on two ongoing research projects: An examination of the extent to which Canadian provinces treat evolution in their curriculum, and how evolution is understood in the Muslim educational community. (read online)


the Darwinian Mind:
Making Human Nature Natural (part 3) by Robert G Weyant
In this third installation of his four-part series on Darwin, Weyant explores the 19th century reactions to the Darwinian mind. (read online)
Ten Things to Remember
about Evolution & Creationism by Kelly Graves
Graves offers two handfuls of simple truths every humanist should bring to mind when feeling dismayed when confronted with creationsist ideology. (read online)
Evangelism & Domestic Violence
in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
by Stephen Douglas
Douglas is forced to negotiate the deep and murky waters of evangelical Christianity in Papua New Guinea while trying to help stem the rising tide of domestic violence. (read online)


things that go bump
Once Born, Twice Shy by James Alcock
Having grown up surrounded by Born Again Christians, Alcock shares his observations on the stranglehold fundamentalist religion has on a believer’s ability to reason. (read online)
practical philosophy
Faith and Thinking by Trudy Govier
Govier explores the question: How is religious faith to be reconciled with academic research, learning and teaching? (read online)
Our Hitler by Shirley Goldberg
Looking at the pantheon of films about Hitler, Goldberg examines our fascination with the titan of all evil dictators. (read online)
letter from new york
the Blue-State Evangelicals of the Southside
by Jonny Diamond
The Religious Right takes up residence in Brooklyn: Jonny Diamond reports on the rise of evangelical zeal in the last place you would expect it. (read online)


* Some Varieties of Secular Humanist Experience
by Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston reviews Francis Crick’s Of Molecules & Men and Paul Kurtz’s Affirmations: Joyful & Creative Exuberance. (read online)
* The Ancestor’s Tale by Gwyneth Evans
Gwyneth Evans reviews Richard Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life. (read online)

last word

Evolution of Genus Vehiculus by Lapin de Bois
De Bois dissects the natural history of the most widely speciated bumper embellishment: the car fish. (read online)

Exclusive Web Supplement

Ways of Knowing by Bill Broderick
Broderick outlines science as the only reliable pathway to true and accurate knowledge.
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