Humanist Perspectives: issue 152, The Trial of Evelyn Martens

The Trial of Evelyn Martens
issue 152, Spring 2005

cover of issue 152
Unfinished Business by Gary Bauslaugh
Having followed closely the trial of Evelyn Martens, Bauslaugh calls on the need to create better laws in regard to assisted suicide. (read online)
the world around us
Euthanasia in The Netherlands by Theo Meijer
Meijer takes a look at legalized euthanasia as practiced in the Netherlands. (read online)
letters from our readers
Rhetoric, Relevance & Headscarves
Brett Zimmerman responds to criticism of his essay The Tradition & Techniques of Satire: the Case of Michael Moore. Caroline Colijn questions France’s 2004 law prohibiting Muslim girls and women from wearing headscarves in school. (read online)


The Trial of Evelyn Martens by Gary Bauslaugh
Bauslaugh narrates the trial and acquittal of Evelyn Martens in her two and half year long ordeal being prosecuted for allegedly assisting suicide. (read online)
An Interview with Evelyn Martens by Gary Bauslaugh
Evelyn speaks about her treatment during the two and a half years she was being prosecuted for assisted suicide. (read online)
An Interview with Defense lawyer
Catherine Tyhurst, January 2005
An interview with defense lawyer Catherine Tyhurst, January 2005. (read online)
Active & Passive Euthanasia:
Is there a moral distinction? by Bob Lane
Lane asks: Is there a difference between killing and letting die? (read online)
Choosing Not to Be by Russel Ogden
Ogden examines the difficult opposition between the scriptures and the law over a person’s right to choose their own death. (read online)
She Didn’t Deserve This by Polly Toynbee
After watching her mother’s agonizing death, Toynbee writes an impassioned plea for the legalization of euthanasia. (read online)


Euthanasia Through the Lens by Shirley Goldberg
Goldberg looks at how cinema has dealt with the subject of euthanasia. (read online)
things that go bump
Dying & Supernatural Experience by James Alcock
Alcock examines the psychological balm of religion in life and death. (read online)
practical philosophy
The Famous, or Infamous, Slippery Slope by Trudy Govier
Govier dissects the oft-invoked, little-understood rhetorical device known as the Slippery Slope. (read online)
letter from new york
Remembering Susan Sontag by Jonny Diamond
Diamond honours the death — and life — of Susan Sontag. (read online)


* Physician Assisted Dying:
The Case for Palliative Care & Patient Choice by Ian Johnston
Johnston reviews Physician-Assisted Dying: The Case for Palliative Care & Patient Choice, an anthology edited by Timothy E Quill and Margaret P Battin. (read online)

last word

The Morgentaler of Dope by John Dixon
Dixon lauds Carole Gwilt’s efforts in support of legalized marijuana. (read online)

Exclusive Web Supplement

the Trial of Evelyn Martens:
the undercover operation by Gary Bauslaugh
This is an account of the undercover operation carried out by the RCMP, in June of 2002, in order to gather evidence to be used in the prosecution of Evelyn Martens for assisting in the suicides of Monique Charest and Leyanne Burchell.
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