Humanist Perspectives: issue 179: From the bottom of their hearts all they want is fair treatment for everyone

From the bottom of their hearts all they want is fair treatment for everyone
by Carl Dow

espite the tuts and smirks of the Hems and Haws that will come as the Canadian Occupiers operate at a lower intensity for the winter, the discourse here at home and throughout the world has been changed. The talk now is of greed and its brutal application by the One Per Cent.
The frustration and anger, the sense of betrayal, that has been profoundly felt by millions have been given vent. No longer marking time for a messiah to put things right, the advance guard of the mentally alert took to the streets and became Occupiers.
As noted elsewhere in this issue, many mainstream pundits have been awash on focus despite a clear message that the occupations are a worldwide movement protesting corporate greed and economic inequality. At first the pundits ignored it. Then they scoffed. And some of them blinked through their scoffing and frothed. Now they’ll take satisfaction at the Occupiers shrinking in numbers before the snarl of the Wolf Wind soon to leap in force from his Arctic lair.
But the Occupiers should take heart even as the turnouts dwindle. Any serious student of military campaigns knows that even the best troops need time to be brought back from the front lines to rest and renew themselves.
So the slowdown in winter will not be a defeat. It will be a time for renewal and preparations for the spring offensive.
The cause will still be there. The unmitigated greed of the One Per Cent will continue, if not grow more intense as these obsessive compulsives continue their plundering while being given license by politicians that they have bought and paid for.
Those blinded by prejudice sneer at the fact that many of the Occupiers are well dressed, have laptops, iPhones, iPods and Blackberries, and commercially made tents. They even mock the Occupiers for going home for baths and changes of clothes, and even to sleep there before rejoining the Occupations the next day.
As if there was something wrong with that.
Those with healthy minds are outraged by the greed and callous abuse of millions of decent, hardworking, (and would-be hardworking), victims of an economic system that has been led out of control. They are not interested in violence, or revolution; all they want, from the bottom of their hearts, is that the owners, the one per cent, treat the 99 per cent fairly.
The one per cent should stop dancing with contemptuous glee on the financial graves of those who have been brutally exploited in favour of the bottom line.
As the declaration for dignity mounts, the one per centers may discover that they may no longer be able to see their bottom lines.
They may wake up to the nightmare (for them) of their bottom lines being in the intelligent, creative, fair-minded control of the 99 per cent.
Peace be with you 99 per centers. Use the winter interlude to recharge your batteries and make plans. Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
—Carl Dow

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